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Beautiful & Blue Crystal Mystery Box

Beautiful & Blue Crystal Mystery Box


Thank you for choosing our Beautifl & Blue Mystery Box! These special picks promote inner peace, connection, higher consciousness, and stability!


This box can include blue/aqua/teal tumbles, raw crystals, towers, spheres, carvings, jewelry, or statement pieces!


Pricing Examples:

- Tumbles $1-5

- S/M Towers $5-40

- L/XL Towers $50+

- Bracelets $5-20

- Other Jewelry $15+

- Carvings $20+

- Statement Pieces $50+


Each item will be personalized curated for each customer 🤍 Please note that items are chosen intuitively and can vary per order! Items in the photos may or may not be included - should you have any specific requests (what to add/what not to add) please let us know in your order notes!


We will do our absolute best to include your requests, however no item is guaranteed. Additionally, all mystery boxes are non-refundable. Thank you for your support!

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