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Chain Options

  • Gold Figaro 1.5mm 14k Gold Filled 

  • Gold Round Cable 1.5mm 14k Gold Filled 

  • Gold Curb Cable 1.5mm 14k Gold Filled 

  • Gold Paperclip 2mm 14k Gold Filled 

  • Gold Flat Round Sequin 14k Gold Filled 

  • Gold Cuban 2mm 14k Gold Filled

  • Gold Rope 1.2mm 14k Gold Filled

  • Gold Rectangle Box 1mm 14k Gold Filled 

  • Silver Curb 1.5mm Stainless Steel 

Permanent Jewelry Process

Permanent jewelry is an experience! Get them for yourself, with a bestie, your family member or significant other!

  • Our permanent jewelry services include a 14k gold-filled chain and application services

  • Sizing and application take about 15-20 minutes

  • Before the application process starts, you will have to complete an electronic waiver

  • Sparks from the weld is 100% safe and will not shock you.

What do you mean by "permanent"?

  • Permanent means that your chain will be welded on and will not have a "clasp" 

  • If you choose to remove your permanent jewelry, you can do so at any time using household pliers​​

What if my permanent jewelry falls off?

  • Bring in your chain to our next pop-up event and we can reapply it!

Will my chain tarnish?

  • All of our chains (with the exception of our stainless steel chains which also do not tarnish) are gold-filled.

  • Gold filled jewelry are long lasting, do not tarnish and will not turn your skin green.

  • True gold filled has a core of brass which is completely different than a base metal of brass, i.e. gold plated. Gold Plated is plating over brass. The thicker the plating, the longer the color will last. This is typically the least expensive option. Gold filled is typically 100x more gold than gold plated, and does not tarnish. It's a USA product and usually lasts a lifetime, thus the price difference. 14K Gold filled is the most popular item, and closest to solid gold.